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Top 5 safe homemade cleaning products for your home and pets.

Updated: May 19, 2021

Some of our clients have pets and we thought it would be a great idea to share 5 safe homemade cleaning products to keep your home clean and your pets safe.


First of all, no matter what products you use, the first rule is to keep all cleaners in closed cabinets or on high shelves. If your pets like drinking the water from the toilet it is mandatory to use a non toxic toilet cleaner.

Truth is, sustainable and eco-friendly living is increasingly growing as more and more of us are becoming aware of our impact on the environment and our health. That includes the health of our furry kids. One of the best ways to start living sustainably is by using environmentally friendly cleaning products at home when possible.


Online and store-bought products are super effective at cleaning our home, but sometimes a homemade approach can also be good to the environment, ourselves and our budget.

We are sharing here a few options you could potentially prepare to keep your home clean and your pets safe.

  1. White vinegar: great degreaser and when diluted in water, can be used on wooden floors, tiles and benchtops.

  2. Bicarbonate of soda: can be used on its own as an abrasive or combined with vinegar to remove tough stains.

  3. Microfibre cloths: although they are made from synthetic materials, when dry, these cloths pick up dust like nothing else. When damp, they cut through dust very effectively. We use microfibre cloths all the time!

  4. Salt: good natural scrubber. For tiles grout cleaning, dip a toothbrush in salt and scrub. Wonderful results

  5. Lemons: tougher than vinegar; mixed with salt is good for sink stains.

To Book your Residential or Business Cleaning, tailored to your needs, contact us! We have our favourites cleaning products but if you want us to try a homemade cleaning product that you have prepared, we are happy to give it a go!

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