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What 2020 taught us and why affirmations are so important

We all agree that 2020 caught us by surprise, forcing us all to see life with new eyes. I'm Noemi Nowosad, Suave Cleaning Director and I want to share my views for 2021.

When it was officially declared that the world was going to experience a viral pandemia last year, the first thing that crossed my mind was: how will I continue cleaning my client's houses while at the same time making them feel safe and keeping our team fully trained to follow the covid-19 protocole required by the Australian law.

I'm happy and proud to say, we made it happen. But also, the fact that we live in a country like Australia that reacted effectively to protect us all and keep the community save played a major role and for that, we are forever grateful.

2020 in Australia was definitely a year that forced us to rethink the way we live and the priorities we have. It allowed us to pause, think, evaluate, plan, move forward and be optimistic.

As a business owner I decided to work on affirmations in 2021 and to work everyday on goals that would allow me, the team and the business to strive and move forward.

My favourite affirmations for this year are:

  • "We can transform obstacles into opportunities".

  • "We are an example of integrity, even when no one is looking".

  • "We have the humility to ask questions and continue learning".

  • "No one is better at this job than we are".

  • "We prosper wherever we turn".

I hope you can connect with my thoughts and if you have any affirmations to share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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